Making A Living With Craigslist

It is very possible, even if it sounds unbelievable, for you to earn a living using Craigslist as a resource.  Increasingly, those with the entrepreneurial spirit have been discovering that there are several possibilities for success online. The will to work hard at earning a living by learning about sites like Craigslist is important. However, effective marketing of skills and products to the people who are looking for them is equally important. This is different from the set salaries, and ceiling on earnings, of the conventional marketplace offering of skills and products. While there is no set cap for those offering services online, there is still no guarantee of minimum income.

There are basically two methods that you can use to earn a living using Craigslist. The first includes providing services in the capacity of an independent contractor, per contract basis or offering skills, products and services. This is the ideal situation for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The second is using Craigslist to find full-time permanent employment in the Jobs category. This is a more traditional approach, but this article will focus on the first method.

Independent Contractors On Craigslist

People offering their skills and services per contract basis, or an independent contractor, are discovering how powerful Craigslist can be. It's a great place for offering your products, skills and services or responding to those posts that are looking for what you provide. The growth in the quantity of outsourcing being done by small businesses or large corporations is prompting many people to capitalize on these opportunities in the marketplace. As mentioned, the two main methods are posting to the appropriate category requesting such opportunities or looking for clients who are searching for what you offer.

Craigslist has a specific category for those offering services. There are several subcategories listed in the services offered section. A contractor may submit a post to an appropriate category for the purpose of connecting with the target audience. If no appropriate category can be found, Craigslist has that covered with the Small Business subcategory. The disadvantage is the lack of specific targeting, but it is better than nothing.

People offering their products, skills and services may also augment their business success through responding to ads seeking whatever it is they are offering.

Those seeking a contract position using Craigslist should start with a specific location; browsing through each of the different job categories. One helpful trick is using the search function then checking the contract box to make sure that results only include contract positions

Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, you can use Craigslist for finding more potential customers and growing your business. The same basic idea applies here, as well. You can generate more business by either posting ads or by answering them. Posting ads is a smart bet due to the massive amount of traffic Craigslist gets every month. It's hard for a serious business owner to ignore this fact.

One of the areas most overlooked by the small business owner is the discussion forum section of Craigslist. Even though the forums can create a greater profit potential, you have to keep your posts relevant and avoid the use of spamming techniques. If your posts are informative and helpful you are likely safe. If however, you're just posting ads to the forums that's considered spamming and all of your posts can be deleted. Your business could also develop a bad reputation, wpuld be counterproductive to what you intended.  So, word to the wise - when posting the the forum, be as informative as you can when answering someones post.  Don't make your post sound like a sales pitch but rather like good general information....leave them wanting more!