Your Business Needs Craigslist

There may be specific instances when Craigslist might not be the best choice for a marketing campaign, yet there are times when your business can't afford to overlook Craigslist for its advertising.  In this article you will see two likely situations where your business should seriously consider marketing on Craigslist, failing to do this could be detrimental to your business. This would include emerging startup companies that lack a substantial marketing budget as well as existing businesses whose competitors advertise prominently on Craigslist.

Marketing On Craigslist For The Emerging Startup Company

An emerging startup company often has to do a lot of work if they wish to start competing with already existing companies that are thriving. Companies like this often have an established client base along with substantial budgets for luring in new customers. Another stumbling block startups often face is customer loyalty. To break customer loyalty a new company has to either have higher quality offerings, comparable offerings at a better price or a memorable ad campaign that appeals to consumers.

Of course, newer companies hardly ever have a marketing budget large enough to develop a full-scale ad campaign. This is where Craigslist is a virtual necessity. A smaller company is able to focus more resources on creating fine-tuned ad copy without having to spend large sums of monetary resources in the running of these ads in other print or air media.

Even though there is much that is appealing about free advertising, this advertising needs to be as sophisticated as if you were placing it somewhere that you would have to pay for it. Keeping this rule in mind will aid your business in developing and keeping a professional image. It will also help your business in enticing potential customers to give whatever you offer a chance.

Keeping Your Competition From Dominating The Market

The other situation where your business needs to seriously consider advertising with Craigslist is when you find direct competitors taking advantage of the marketing possibilities on Craigslist. If you find that your competitors are advertising on Craigslist, then it's important that you do too. If you don't, in effect, you're handing your competition all of potential customers that Craigslist reaches.

Let's say you have a dog grooming business in Beaumont, Texas. If a lot of people in Beaumont are using their local Craigslist page to locate dog groomers, you're sure to miss out on many of these potential clients. After all, these people are likely to choose someone advertising through Craigslist for any of their dog grooming needs. However, if you placed a well-written ad in the appropriate category on Craigslist you would likely gain some of the available market share.

There is an exception to placing ads where your competitors are currently advertising. That is if the local market is saturated with competitors. Look at the above sample business of dog grooming in Beaumont. If there were only a few competitors on Craigslist it would be a smart choice to place an ad of your own. On the other hand, if there were hundreds of other dog groomers marketing on the beaumont Craigslist site, then your ad wouldn't stand out unless you made your title very creative or employed some other "creative" means in your advertising. It's a good habit to check Craigslist from time to time because the number of competitors could decline. At that time it would be acceptable to place an ad.

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