Staying Safe On Craigslist

People trying to find jobs, housing, friendship, or products and services will find Craigslist to be a very useful community. When you use the Craigslist community you'll find the opportunities mentioned above. On top of that you could also meet other people to network or talk about issues that you find important. Keep in mind that Craigslist is an online community so the risk of predators or scammers ready to take advantage of you is always there.

Even with millions of visitors and billions of page views every month, the major bulk of the people using the Craigslist community do not have any harmful intentions. A small fraction, as with other online communities, may be looking to take advantage of people either financially or physically. Even so, there remains plenty of very good reasons why the community at Craigslist is so useful. This article discuses some of the basics of the usefulness of Craigslist, as well as some smart recommendations to stay safe when you are using Craigslist.

Several people still wonder why Craigslist has so much appeal. Yes, other websites out there focus solely on employment searches, buying things or meeting friends and lifelong partners. What makes  Craigslist stand out is that it offers a convenient place for each of these searches plus more. Craigslist may have begun by looking only at events happening in the San Francisco area, but since then it has grown considerably. With much more than just event listings in hundreds of cities around the world.

With each website centering on a specific geographic region, Craigslist is an outstanding resource that lets users communicate with others in the same area directly. This is a better alternative to sorting through huge worldwide listings in the hopes of finding local offerings.

Craigslist Safety

Craigslist isn't any more dangerous than any other online community. The main problem, just like any other public website, is how easy it is for people to use false identities. They can hide behind these aliases and fool people into thinking they are trustworthy, even though they aren't. Unfortunately, this holds true for individuals wanting to steal money and goods, along with those who want to cause physical harm.

The first line of defense in staying safe on Craigslist, and other internet communities, is to keep your personal identifying information private. Credit card and bank account information, social securitiy number or other identifying numbers should not be shared - unless the reason for the information is verified, along with verifying who is getting the information. If you determine that it is a legitimate transaction make sure you only send it via a secure server. It's vital to take these precautions to prevent fraud and identity theft.  My personal suggestion would be to pay for any purchases via Paypal (if you can't meet the person to exchange funds in person).

Apart from not sharing identifying numbers, you need to also be careful not to give out other personal information. Things like your street address, full name or telephone number. This is crucial because information like this can be used by those with bad intentions to locate you. Most people already know not to share this information, but there are also other types of information to keep private. Apparently safe information like where you went to school, when you graduated, mother's maiden name or even a pet's name can be used for potentially unlawful purposes.

Now that you know how to stay safe on Craigslist you're ready to start discovering the many great things available there.

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