How To Use Craigslist

One of the beautiful things about Craigslist is the several different ways that it's used. People visiting Craigslist use it in several different ways. Among the popular ways to use Craigslist are marketing and advertising, finding jobs and meeting people. This article is an overview of these three popular ways to use Craigslist.

Marketing And Advertising

One of several uses that proves valuable on Craigslist is the marketing and advertising of goods and services. People who wish to make a profit by selling their goods and services will often choose Craigslist for a couple of reasons. Craigslist large audience and its affordability are two of the most important reasons.

To say that the advertising of goods and services is affordable on Craigslist is definitely an understatement. Employment listings along with certain housing listings in a small handful of cities are the only things Craigslist currently charges posting fees for. This means that any marketing and advertising of goods and services are free to post.

The other benefit of advertising using Craigslist is that you don't have to waste your time getting website traffic. Craigslist gets millions and millions of visitors every month, these visitors rack up billions of page views every month. It's plain to see that the potential to reach a huge audience exists on Craigslist.

Meeting People

Among the other ways to use Craigslist is for meeting people. The personals category at Craigslist is specifically designed to make meeting people easy. This is where people can either post or read ads looking for casual friendship or romantic connections, regardless of sexual orientation. The use of the Craigslist personals section is restricted to adults aged 18 and over. There also exists additional restrictions, besides Craigslist's normal usage terms, on posts made under personals. The main one is that people are not allowed to pretend to be somebody else if placing an ad.

The Craigslist discussion forums also gives people the chance to meet other people. They are split up into several different categories, allowing people to focus on the topics that interest them. This means they have a good chance of meeting other people that share the same interests. Keep in mind that as with any discussions on important topics, heated debates can arise. Visitors to the forums will probably find others that share similar views, but there is more than one side to any issue. Often the debate stays civilized but there are times when these discussions devolve to uncivil discourse.

Finding Jobs

A large amount of people use Craigslist when looking for a new job or a career change. The jobs category at Craigslist is extensive. The jobs are sorted into several different categories to make it easy for visitors to find a job that is right for them. The jobs category also has a search function enabling visitors to search using specific words or phrases within the jobs category. There is also the option to look for telecommuting, contract, internship, part-time or non-profit positions.

Resumes can also be posted by job seekers for possible consideration at Craigslist. The resumes category is less organized than other sections. However, you can still get your resume noticed if you use an attention grabbing and descriptive title for it. You can also add appropriate keywords to the body of your resume, this makes it easy for potential employers to find it.

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